Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thank you Scanner Zine!

Recent positive vibes from the opposite end of the globe! Wonder no more: new songs are forthcoming for 2018.

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY - Accumulated Error {Deranged} Third album for this trio outta Chicago and it’s ten tracks of clever and expansive post-Punk that fuses a big SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES influence with a splash of SPECTRES and a neat X vibe. Plenty of highlights including album closer ‘Better Off On Mars’ that highlights that SIOUXSIE feel and is laden with surging bass and a haunting guitar lead. Elsewhere ‘Goon Beat’ features guitarist David taking lead vocal and coming on a tad like John Doe, ‘Telegraphing’ has a great Farfisa-style keyboard, ‘New Threat’ sees soaring vocal interplay from bassist Christine and guitarist David while my personal favourite is ‘Sweet Teeth’ that’s got hypnotic beats, fuzztone bass, a fantastic cyclic riff and a wigout guitar solo. Production is spot on for this too, with shards of guitar flying in all directions, some inventive and subtle leads juxtaposed against some frantic rhythm work. Impressive and inventive stuff from a band I hadn’t previously heard. This was released a while ago too - so here’s hoping a new work is imminent. (28.09.17)